Thaddeus Kellstadt

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 Demo Projects, "The Land And People" Springfield, IL
2016 Ski Club, "Territorries", Milwaukee, WI
2015 Legion Arts, "DWELL" Cedar Rapids, IA
2014 LUMP Gallery/Projects, "Range Life" Raleigh, NC
2013 SPACE, "On the Glass Surf" Pittsburgh, PA
2013 Cabin, "Lazy Dreams" Chicago, IL
2012 StrangeBird, "Memorized Breaths" Chicago, IL
2011 Eastern Exposure, "This House Ain't a Home" Chicago, IL
2010 LUMP Gallery/Projects, Take a Trip on a Cloud… Raleigh, NC
2009 secondBedroom, After Effects, Chicago, IL

Selected Exhibitions


SPACE, "The Long Run :: Painting Out Of Time" Pittsburgh, PA (curated by Brandon Boan)
Illinois State University Galleries, "Subdivision" Normal, IL
Western Pole, Chicago, IL


Lump Gallery, "Bald" Raleigh, NC


The Franklin, “Complementary Width” Chicago, IL
CAM Raleigh, "The Nothing That Is" Raleigh, NC
The Terraformer, "Keep Your Mind in Hell"


The Franklin, “Color Consortium” Chicago, IL
Erma Freeman Center, “Another False Lead” Pittsburgh, PA
Times Club, “Electric Beach” Iowa City, IA (solo exhibition)
Mana Contemporary, Propeller Fund Fellows (The Franklin) Chicago, IL


SofaKing, "Fake McDonalds" Milwaukee Ave Arts Fest, Chicago, IL
The Franklin, "Visitation Rites" Chicago, IL
Wood Street Galleries, "Cold Sweat" Pittsburgh, PA
Harold Washington College, "Program, Suffer, Abstain, Deprogram" Chicago, IL


Good Citizen, "Sired by a Creep" St. Louis, MO
The Franklin, "Blank Origin" Chicago, IL
SPACE, "Romper Room" Pittsburgh, PA
ANTENA, "Short Court: Tropical Aesthletics" Chicago, IL
SofaKing, "Terraformer" Chicago, IL


Co-Prosperity Sphere, "The New, New Chicagoans" Chicago, IL
Future Tenant, "Acid Rain" Curated by Jerstin Crosby, Pittsburgh, PA
Terraformer, "Graveyard Show" Chicago, IL
The Front, "Drop City" New Orleans, LA
Lump Gallery, "Drop Bucket" Raleigh, NC


Ebersmoore Gallery, Thad Kellstadt, Corinne Halbert, Carmen Price. Curated by Edra Soto
Lump Gallery/Projects, Take a Trip on a Cloud… Raleigh, NC
Fountain Art Fair NYC, Christina Ray Gallery, New York, NY
Ebersmoore Gallery, "Ah! Wilderness" Chicago, IL


Cell Project Space, DIY Rapture, London, ENG
Lump Gallery, Middle of Nowhere, Raleigh, NC
Tyler School of Art, 1.5 Million, Philadelphia, PA
Heaven Gallery, In That Gold Land, Chicago, IL
SPACE, Smoke and Mirrors, Pittsburgh, PA
Co-Prosperity Sphere, Salad, Church, Exercise, Chicago, IL


Alice Gallery, Apocabliss, Brussels, BE
Art Brussels 2008, Brussels, BE
Co-Prosperity Sphere, Version Fest 8, Chicago, IL
707 Penn gallery, Sylvania, Pittsburgh, PA
Pinkard Gallery, Penned, Bunting Center, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD
Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Media Tonic 3, Pittsburgh, PA
Secret Project Robot, Art Makes Eye Contact, Brooklyn, NY


Space 1026, After Party, Philadelphia, PA
Lump Gallery/Projects, Trash and Other Camouflage, Raleigh, NC (two-person show)
Swanson Reed Contemporary, Roar/Shock, Louisville, KY
Future Tenant, Work With Me, Pittsburgh, PA
Vox Populi, This is not the Future, Philadelphia, PA
Mattress Factory, Gestures, Pittsburgh, PA
Threewalls, Cannon/Snowball, Chicago, IL
SPACE, Home/Away, Pittsburgh, PA


Andenken Gallery, Please Submit to Print, Denver, CO
SPACE, My Space, Pittsburgh, PA
Allegheny College, Son of Noir, Meadville,PA
Green Bean, Fireflies Festival, Greensboro, NC


Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh Biennial, Pittsburgh, PA
Penn Avenue Space, Unhabit, Pittsburgh, PA
Brew House, What it is, Pittsburgh, PA
Three Rivers Arts Festival, Roll, Rampant and Free, Pittsburgh PA
Digging Pitt Gallery, Super-Fun-Luscious, Pittsburgh, PA


Skol Gallery, Petite Envelope Urbaine, Montreal, QB
Lump Gallery/Projects, Lost Weekend, Raleigh, NC


Microlights, "Act II" Milwaukee, WI
The Luminary, "Document V" Chicago, IL
Athens International Film Festival, "Aerial View" Athens, OH

ACRE Television, "Liquid Lunch" Live stream for, Chicago, IL

Headroom Screening Series, "Post Human After All" Iowa City, IA


CPH DOX, Maxiimalism 1 & 2, Copenhagen, DK
Wood Street Galleries, Casino Night Zone, Pittsburgh, PA
Acid Rain Productions, Televised Video Art Series, Brooklyn, NY


Public Space One, Radical Visions, Iowa City, IA
Louisville Film Society, Night Magic, Louisville, KY
Wood Street Galleries, Night Sweat, Pittsburgh, PA


ACRE, Guest Artist, Stueben, WI
TLVSN 4, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, IL
Wisconsin Film Festival, Madison, WI


Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Milwaukee, WI
Acid Rain Productions, Televised Video Art Series, Raleigh, NC
Eruption, Green Lantern Gallery, Chicago, IL
MCA, Magical Musical Showcase, Chicago, IL


Portland Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Portland, OR
Acid Rain Productions, Televised Video Art Series, Raleigh, NC
Happener-Magiker, Brillobox, Pittsburgh, PA, 2009


Portland Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Portland, OR


Curator, Home Away, SPACE, Pittsburgh, PA 2006
Curator, After Party, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA 2007
Curator, Snowblind, SPACE, Pittsburgh, PA 2007
Curator, In That Gold Land, Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL 2009


Blue Sky Program, Visiting Artist, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH 2010
ACRE Artist Residency, Visiting Artist, Stueben, WI 2011/2017